Welcome to the Hans Lammens Tennis Center


Explore The Exciting Game Of Tennis


Junior Tennis

We are offering an after school program from May 25 to June 19 and a summer program from June 22 to August 28. If your child has not chosen an activity for the summer, have them come out and give tennis a try! We are also offering a program for Teen’s 15 years of age through the end of High School with lessons, lots of game play, use of ball machines and more. 


Tiny Tots Tennis

This season, the Han’s Lammens Tennis Centre will be adding a new program for kids aged 3-5. This is a great way to develop motor skills and introduce children to the game of tennis.


Adult Tennis

Come and explore the exciting game of Tennis! We have a ladies night, a men's night and a mixed doubles league for any skill level. Register now for a great way to have fun and fitness.

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