Welcome to the Hans Lammens Tennis Center

Summer Programs

The Sussex Tennis Association is offering four summer programs for our youth this 2018 season and a variety of programs for adults. The four youth programs are After School Tennis, Summer Tennis Camp, Kids Tennis Plus and Teen Tennis. Adult programs are informal and geared towards having fun and enjoying the game of tennis.

All fees are posted on the registration form. For questions, contact us or drop into "PotashCorp Civic Centre"

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After School Tennis

This program will begin on May 28 through June 22. There are two classes per week between 3:30 and 5:30. This activity is designed to have the children get out on the courts before school ends and get a little head start on the Tennis season. This is also an excellent time for new comers to make themselves familiar with the basics of the game as well as equipment, lessons and instructors. All equipment provided. 

Summer Tennis Camp

This program begins June 25 through August 24.  This is a half day program which begins at 9 am and ends at 12 noon. Children enrolled in this program will have the option to attend every day Monday through Friday for the entire length of the summer. They will be separated according to age and will experience a variety of activity with the focus on playing the game of tennis and having fun.

Kids Tennis Plus

Our objective for this program is to provide an alternative for those parents who both work and would like to have their children involved in sport and activity, promoting an atmosphere of wellness and good health. Parents will be able to drop off their children at 7:30 am and pick them up as late as 5:30 pm. Our focus will still be on tennis but we will be doing other activity during the day to keep everyone entertained. This enrollment will be on a weekly basis with the option for a monthly sign up as well starting June 25 through August 24.

Teen Tennis

This season, the Han’s Lammens Tennis Centre will be adding a new program for Teen’s 15 years of age through the end of High School. We will be offering lessons, lots of game play, use of ball machines, etc. We realize a program for young Teens could look a little different with many having part time jobs. For this reason we are not designating specific times until we have spoken with the group to see what works best for the majority. We have time available for this activity in the afternoons and evenings, including weekends. We are confident we can make this challenging and lots of fun for everyone.     

Adult Tennis

We have a ladies night, a men's night and a mixed doubles league for any skill level.

Ladies night is starting mid June and will continue every Tuesday night through the summer.  The 1st hour will be instruction, where we will go through drills to teach new skills and a chance for more experienced players to hone their skills.  The 2nd hour will be Team Tennis, and we will have tennis matches.

We are organizing a Men's Night for Thursday evenings to start by mid June. Contact us if you are interested in an enjoyable evening of tennis. If we get enough players, maybe we can organize a recreation doubles league.

Tennis Socials

Throughout the summer we hold various tennis socials where we get together, have a barbecue and enjoy an evening of tennis. Contact us to join our next event.